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Editorial Board

James Blackwell (Center for Language Education, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, JAPAN)

Wendy L. Bowcher (School of Foreign Languages, Sun Yat-sen University, CHINA)

Valtaire Cong (RINRI Institute of Ethics, JAPAN)

Derek Irwin (School of English, The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, MALAYSIA)

John E. Ingulsrud (School of Humanities, Meisei University, JAPAN)

Kenichi Kadooka (Faculty of Business Administration, Ryukoku University, Japan)

Marvin Lam (Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, The City University of Hong Kong, CHINA)

Raymond Langley (Department of Health and Welfare Science, Oita University, JAPAN)

Edward McDonald (The University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

Keizo Nanri (Centre for International Education and Research, Oita University, JAPAN)

Michael O'Donnell (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, SPAIN)

Virginia Peng (Faculty of Economics, Ritsumeikan University, JAPAN).

Makoto Sasaki (Department of Liberal Arts, Aichi Gakuin University, JAPAN)

Katsuhiko Sugamuma (School of Humanities, The University of Tasmania, AUSTRALIA)

Junichi Toyota (Graduate School of Litenrature and Human Sciences, Osaka City University, JAPAN)

Jonathan J. Webster (The Halliday Centre for Intelligent Application of Language Studies, The City University of Hong Kong, CHINA)